Strange Math…

Apple Inc. + Google + Yahoo + Cingular = iPhone!


I know I will be buying one in June when they come out.

Firefox Bookmarking Sync

Google continues to release neat little tools here and there. Today I found the Google Browser Sync. You’ll need Firefox to take advantage of it (You aren’t still using IE, are you ???). You can sync Cookies, Saved Passwords, Bookmarks, History, and Tabs and Windows (ie. yout last browser session). I have my cookies and bookmarks synced up right now, using the built-in encryption.

Finally, a Feed Reader I Can Live With

I was really dissapointed when I tried out the new version of Vienna today. My first thoughts were YAFR. (Thats “Yet Another Feed Reader” for those who are not hip to the new acronyn I just created). I decided to toy around a bit and found the new “Unified” layout. This is the EXACT feature I have been wishing for in a RSS feed reader. It provides the ability to view all posts for a feed, or in Vienna’s case, a collection of feeds, on a single page. No more clicking around to each individual feed to get your news, which I always thought was counter intuitive to the whole purpose of RSS. Really, I didn’t care if I could have all of my feeds in a single application, if I had to navigate all around to read everyting anyways. In my opinion, most feed readers are just simplified web browsers, and I do not need another web browser.

With the addition of the “Unified” layout, Vienna becomes more like my prefered route of reading my feeds, Planet. Oh, and Vienna is Open Source as well!

Hurray for Vienna!!!

Also, recently released, a Mac version of the Google Video Player. I do not use google videos that often, but it might be worth a download for some people.

What is that song?

The internet never ceases to amaze me. Tonight I started watching the first season of 24 and at the end of the first episode, a really awesome song was playing. I couldn’t make out much of the lyrics because they were very soft and the actors were talking over much of it. From the bits of lyrics I gathered, I tried to search for the artist and song name. A fruitless effort indeed! The internet is to vast and my search terms were too generic to turn up anything worth while.

I then turned google loose on a new search: “music from 24 season 1“. Results were mildly better. On a whim, I decided to click on the link to the IMDB. That’s the “Internet MOVIE Database”. Apparently they catalog TV shows as well. I clicked on the first episode and searched the links on the left and sure enough, there was a soundtrack link. IMDB gave me a list of all songs played during the episode! Sweet!

I proceded to open up iTunes and go to the iTunes Music Store to get an audible confirmation of the track in question. Bingo! One simple click and the song was a downloadin’ and on to my iPod.

By the way, the song in question is Christiansands by Tricky. Check it out, it has some funkyness to it.

Another neat feature of the internet is the totally kick ass website Simply punch in an artist or a song and it will play songs for you which are similar to the artist or song you entered.

Links for today

Darth Vader vs the Police — Hilarity ensues as 3 Japanese policeman attempt to take on Darth Vader. Check related video on the right for the second version of this vid.

Google Calendar was released into the wild today. If you are a Mac user, you can subscribe to your Google Calendars following these directions. Unfortunately for us Mac users, it does not support Safari yet, although Camino (my current browser of choice) and Firefox work well. Too bad you can’t edit your calendars from iCal and have gCal automatically update.

QOTD – 03/22/2006

One of the Quotes of the Day on Googles Personalized Home page comes from Stanislaw J. Lec and it reads as follows

“People find life entirely too time-consuming.”

This really sums up how I have been feeling over the past 2 months or so. I have a bunch of ideas for projects I would like to start, but lately, when I actually get some free time, all I really want to do is relax.