The World Wide Wasteland

It doesn’t matter what was shared and what was seen! As long as all the graphs are going up, it means you’re doing a good job.
Priceless! (via swizec)

President Obama AMA

The President answers some questions on Reddit.


20120828-082915.jpgimage courtesy of NASA

10,000 Year Clock

But it is humans that keep the Clock’s bells wound up, and humans who ask it the time. The Clock needs us
A fascinating idea which partially inspired Neal Stephenson's novel Anathem.
  • Marshall
    Posted 8 years ago

    Temperature yesterday in Portland: 102º
    Temperature yesterday in Newport Beach (about 120 miles away): 59º

Angels Rest Semi-panorama

Filmed at Angels Rest on my iPhone 4S at an elevation of around 1880 feet.

  • Catherine mickelson
    8 years ago

    Oh so awesome!!! Is this the place you hiked from the bottom straight up?

  • Dad
    8 years ago

    pretty clear day dad

Homemade Tomato Cages

These were relatively simple to make, and very cheap too.

What you will need:

  • Drill, drill bits, and screwdriver attachment
  • Miter saw or comparable
  • Tape Measure
  • Square (optional)
  • 1×2-48″ Stakes (4)
  • #8×1″ Wood Screws (12)
  • #10×2″ Metal Screws with nuts (2)
  • 1×2″ board or comparable for the crossbeams

The 48″ stakes are perfectly tall enough for a decent tomato cage, so there is no cutting involved. For the cross beams, you need to choose a width that works for you. I choose 14″.

Cut 3 lengths of the 1×2″ board to your desired width. These will make the cross beams for your “short” side. In order for the cage to hinge, you will also make a “long” side, by adding double the depth of the Stakes. My Stakes were 5/8″ deep, so I added 1 1/4″ to create three (3) 15 1/4″ lengths.

Line your steaks up so that the square tops are even with each other. Measure out 3 lines semi-evenly down the length of the stake. Place the butt-end of the cut crossbeam on the line and draw a second line so that you can tell where the crossbeam will attach to the stake.

At the square end of each stake, drill a single hole wide enough to let the metal screw fit. Change your drill bit to a size better suited for the wood screws and Drill two holes side by side in each “box” you made while measuring where your crossbeams will sit.

Take 2 of your stakes, and the 3 “short” lengths of crossbeam and screw them together (make sure that the pointy side of the stakes both face the same direction…)

Do the same for the “long” lengths.

All that is left is to attach both sides together with the metal screws and nuts.