Kinda Spaetzle

First time making Spaetzle. Hopefully it will be a delicious addition to the Sauerbraten that is simmering away.

Beginning of the Garden

  • Catherine mickelson
    8 years ago

    Very nice Marshall!! MOM

  • Marshall
    Posted 8 years ago

    Just uploaded a new site design. I’ll write a post about it soon. Let the blogging begin (again)!

VMWare Fusion, Windows Remote Desktop, and ALT+TAB

I spend about half my time on my MacBook inside a Windows 7 boot camp virtual machine, which is remoted into work. This has worked great for me with one caveat. ALT+TAB. I would say about half the time I press these keys (or ALT+ anything for that matter), I end up getting the non-ALT keystroke sent to my desktop at work. Since I spend most of my time in Visual Studio at work, this means that I am constantly adding TAB characters to my source code, which if it is checked in to TFS, means that Visual Studio automatically checks it out for edit. WHen this happens, I have to stop my workflow and Undo the checkin. Annoying! Today I was fed up and did a quick search on the intertubes and found this forum post:

The solution?

This is most likely caused by the keyboard shortcuts in Fusion. Try disabling ‘Hide Other Applications’ in Fusion Preferences > Keyboard & Mouse > Fusion Shortcuts.

Works like a charm! I love Fusion!

  • Matt beran
    9 years ago

    THANK YOU. Took me forever to find this and set it. Alt-tab was killing me. I had to hit alt-tab-tab to get it work work. Annoying.

  • JohnB
    8 years ago

    Saved my bacon. Thanks!

Fake Name Generator

Generate a Random Name and Identity. Looks like they have an API too!


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