Steamed Clams with Artichoke Sun Dried Tomato Caper Pasta

Steamed Clams with Artichoke Sundried Caper Pasta

First time making clams, or any shellfish for that matter, at home. Little did we know, a lot goes into prepping the clams for cooking. Here are a few tips:

  • Let your clams ‘breathe’. If the market ties them up in a plastic bag, remove them from the bag when you get home.
  • At least and hour before, but preferably 3 hours or more before you want to cook them, place the washed and scrubbed clams in a bowl of salt water. Add some cornmeal to the water. The cornmeal (or as I call it, the “Last Meal”) will help the clams expel any sand remaining inside them.

VMWare Fusion, Windows Remote Desktop, and ALT+TAB

I spend about half my time on my MacBook inside a Windows 7 boot camp virtual machine, which is remoted into work. This has worked great for me with one caveat. ALT+TAB. I would say about half the time I press these keys (or ALT+ anything for that matter), I end up getting the non-ALT keystroke sent to my desktop at work. Since I spend most of my time in Visual Studio at work, this means that I am constantly adding TAB characters to my source code, which if it is checked in to TFS, means that Visual Studio automatically checks it out for edit. WHen this happens, I have to stop my workflow and Undo the checkin. Annoying! Today I was fed up and did a quick search on the intertubes and found this forum post:

The solution?

This is most likely caused by the keyboard shortcuts in Fusion. Try disabling ‘Hide Other Applications’ in Fusion Preferences > Keyboard & Mouse > Fusion Shortcuts.

Works like a charm! I love Fusion!

  • Matt beran
    9 years ago

    THANK YOU. Took me forever to find this and set it. Alt-tab was killing me. I had to hit alt-tab-tab to get it work work. Annoying.

  • JohnB
    8 years ago

    Saved my bacon. Thanks!

Fake Name Generator

Generate a Random Name and Identity. Looks like they have an API too!


Code Review for Subversion, Mercurial, and Git, hosted on Google App Engine


Strange, valid Javascript syntaxes.

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